Day Trip to Tampere

I’ve been aware of the Andy Warhol exhibition in Tampere for a few months now, but I’ve been waiting for better weather so we could ride our bikes there. It’s not that the weather was so cold, but I don’t have very warm gear, so I was waiting for the weather to get actually warm. We still have a few days left of the exhibition, so the weather improved just in time.

So we finally decided to drive to Tampere so that we would take a longer scenic route when driving there, which is slower, but more interesting than just driving the highway at 120km/h. The speed limit at this road was mostly 80km/h, but there were also parts of the road where the speed limit was 60km/h or 50km/h. The road was mostly in a good shape except some road damage after winter.

The scenery was traditional summer scenery you can see in Finland, so mostly forests, fields, some villages, and a few lakes. The route was indeed quite long and with the stops for breaks and gas it took a bit over three and a half hours. When we finally got to Tampere, we were so hungry that we headed directly to Ravinteli Huber, because I’ve read a lot of good reviews about it. In addition we’ve been on the look for a perfect burger for a couple of years, so we were eager to try Huber’s hamburgers. We arrived there before the evening rush around 3 p.m., so it wasn’t a problem to get a table. There were only a few other parties at the restaurant in addition to us, but if you want to have dinner there, a reservation is recommended.

The food lived up to the reputation. I had ox tartare with egg for a starter, which was heavenly and didn’t look anything like the traditional steak tartare. I’m sure that this was a thousand times better than the ox pastrami my boyfriend had for starter although he said t was great. 🙂

Ravinteli Huber 1
Ox tartare

For main course we decided to have hamburgers and asked for two servings of fries. The waiter told us that one serving will be enough and he was absolutely right. Even though the fries were really good, after the hamburger we couldn’t eat much more.

Huber hamburger with bacon

There was absolutely no room for dessert, so we’ll have to come back at some point to taste it. 😉 After lunch we headed to Sara Hildén art museum to see the Andy Warhol exhibition, where we spent a bit over an hour. I don’t know Tampere all that well, so I was surprised that it was located in Särkäniemi amusement park. First we drove to the parking lot, where it said that it costs 10€ to park a vehicle. According to this we would’ve needed to pay 20€ just to park. We asked about parking at the information desk and they said that there is no parking fee for motorcycles, but she didn’t seem to be very sure about it. We asked about parking at the museum ticket counter, but they didn’t know anything about parking. But with museum ticket parking cost only 5€. We decided to check this with the guy, who charges said payment when you drive out of the parking lot, who didn’t know, but he called someone, who then in turned confirmed that we didn’t need to pay anything for parking the bikes. It’s not like we were the first and only people on motorbikes there, so I found it really weird that nobody seemed to know anything.

After the museum we headed for the cafe at the Pyynikki viewing tower, because apparently you can get the best doughnuts. I’ve read about them in a few blogs and of course wanted to try them. Not that we were hungry, but once we were in Tampere we had to try as many things as possible. Unfortunately they were a bit of a disappointment. They were pretty good, fresh, warm, and with cardamom, but I’ve had similar before and because my expectations were pretty high, the doughnuts didn’t quite match them.

After that it was time to head home. I can’t take heat very well, and even though we drove quite fast it never felt cool and I was very sweaty. On the way back we chose the highway and even though it’s duller, I appreciated the quicker way home because I was really tired and wouldn’t appreciate another four-hour drive.

The entire route looked like this and we spent a bit over ten hours on the trip. A good day, but I would’ve liked to spend more time in Tampere. There’s always next time.

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