Northern Norway: Day 8: Svolvaer-Å

We didn’t have a long way to drive today either, but a lot of activities nevertheless. The plan was to drive from the unofficial capital of Lofoten to the southernmost point of Lofoten called Å. The distance between them was merely 129km.

Route of the day: Svolvær-Å

The day began by us stuffing our faces at the breakfast buffet as we didn’t get much to eat the day before. The breakfast was excellent, so we managed really well to catch up on our calorie intake. Then we spent a couple of hours in the hotel room resting and then we went to Svolvær’s WWII museum, which was located on the same block as our hotel, so the trip wasn’t long. The museum was tiny, must it was rather interesting. There was a collection of WWII items and stories that went along with them. The entrance fee was 90 NOK (approx. 11€) per person.

WWII museum


WWII museum
WWII museum

We came back from the museum before noon, checked out from the hotel, but left our things in their storage. The day was pretty hot and now we had our gear on again, which wasn’t the best idea. We wanted to participate in a trip to Trollfjorden in a RIB boat. I’ve read that Trollfjorden is amazing and beautiful and we should definitely see it. We went to the market where they had a couple of stalls selling tickets. Of course we wanted to go asap, but the sales person said that the 13:00 departure was already sold out, but they were thinking about organizing a second group and on “a gorgeous day like this” it wouldn’t be a problem, so we had to hang somewhere and come back quarter to one. Turned out that this town wasn’t very big either, so we bought some drinks and sat in the shade.


We came back to the ticket stand and no, there won’t be a second boat, but how about a trip at 15:00? Yesterday was fresh on our minds and we declined and went to ask another company about their trips. They told us that they had a trip at 14:00, but it was full, but “on a great day like this there will probably be a second boat”. Yeah… We decided that we’ll just give up on this trip or we’ll be stuck here for hours. The trip also cost 695 NOK (approx. 87€) per person, so we decided to save our money and start driving and visit Lofotr Viking Museum instead.

We picked up our things and bikes from the hotel and started driving. It was a wonderful feeling to finally feel the cool breeze. The day was really hot, so driving only made it bearable and not pleasant. 🙂 The scenery was once again great and it was fun to drive knowing that we’re not in a hurry.

On our way to Å
On our way to Å
On our way to Å

After a while we arrived to the viking museum, which turned out to be the second disappointment of the day. I had expected a very fancy museum about vikings in general, but it was about a viking village, which was found in this place. The entrance fee was 160 NOK (approx. 20€) per person, which was rather steep for the experience we gor.  There was a museum with documentary clips about some farmer finding this place and what kind of things there were found. Then there was a fifteen minute film about a viking family, who needed to leave their village behind and go to Iceland. Finally there were some items that were found in the village. The rest of the museum was a petting farm mixed with some activities for kids that showed how things were done in viking times.

2_Lofotr Viking Museum
Lofotr Viking Museum
3_Lofotr Viking Museum
Lofotr Viking Museum
4_Lofotr Viking Museum
Lofotr Viking Museum
5_Lofotr Viking Museum
Lofotr Viking Museum
6_Lofotr Viking Museum
Lofotr Viking Museum

The highlight of the museum was a viking ship, which was located 1,4km from museum entrance and to which we walked in our biking gear in a really hot weather. It was first downhill, but the way back was all uphill. And the great ship looked like this:

Viking ship

You could take a ride in the ship, but I’ve read somewhere that you have to row it and we were already having a heat stroke. We started walking back and I must admit there was some cursing. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you don’t have kids as they’d probably find a lot of things interesting. There was also a possibility to try archery.

Finally we got back on our bikes and started driving (the wonderful cool air!) and then stopped the next time at the Skagsanden beach. I think that there were one or two people, who tried to walk in the water, but nobody was swimming despite the hot day. I assume the water was still really cold.

Skagsanden beach
Skagsanden beach

Finally we reached Moskenes from where we’d take the ferry to mainland Norway the next day. Å i Lofoten was supposed to be a teeny-tiny place, so we were smarter than yesterday and decided to have something to eat at Cafe Lofoten, in Moskenes. What we got is quite bad hamburgers even though we were made to wait quite a long time for the food. A couple of mystery meat burgers for 35€. Cannot recommend.

Cafe Lofoten
Cafe Lofoten

When we reached Å, we noticed that it had a restaurant and we were pretty sure that the would there would be better than the one we had at Cafe Lofoten. We also stopped by a small shop on the way to Å and bought some water and snacks. The accommodation was again in a cabin, but we expected a high quality cabin because the price per night was 1185 NOK (approx. 149€).

We accidentally passed our accommodation Å Rorbuer) because there were a ton of rorbuer signs everywhere and we were in Å after all, so it was a bit difficult to decipher which accommodation was ours. Luckily Å is the southernmost spot, so the road simply ended in a parking lot at some point, so we just had to turn back. On the way back we spotted the correct Å Rorbuer sign and got our keys.

The cabins were in a row similarly to the one in Finland, so there were neighbors next to you and on the side and in front, but the cabin itself was really big and there in fact was a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, a living room, and a terrace. The bikes could be parked right in front of the cabin. The downside was that there was a bunk bed in the bedroom and the sofa in the living room was too small for two people to sit on unless you wanted to sit really near each other and it was too hot for that. 🙂 We spent most of the afternoon on the terrace then. Another downside was that wi-fi didn’t work in the bedroom, just the terrace and the living room.

Å Rorbuer Tove cabin
Living room
Living room

The bathroom has a large water heater, so warm water wasn’t a problem.


Terrace had an evening sun shining, so it was warm and had a nice view.

View from the terrace and restaurant Brygge

Around 11 p.m. the group of Germans from the cabin located opposite came back from their fishing trip and there seemed to be a lot of stories to tell and beers to drink. They kept going and were so loud that I had to ask them to be quieter around half past midnight and close the window to the bedroom. It of course became really hot in the small bedroom and apparently the cabin walls are like paper because this barely helped even though the Germans tried to be quieter. If not for the bad luck with the neighbors, the night might have been more comfortable.

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