Northern Norway: Day 9: Å-Moskenes-Bodo

Today started with breakfast at restaurant Brygge, which was located nearby the cabin we stayed at. They had a limited selection of breakfast items for the price of 150 NOK (approx. 19€) per person, which wasn’t something I would call a great price-quality ratio. After breakfast we packed all or belongings and headed from Å to Moskenes, which took only about 10 min. In Moskenes we were supposed to take a ferry to Bodo, which operates six times a day in July and the trip takes 3-4 hours.

Ferry schedule. More information can be found here.

We wanted to take the 10:30 ferry, so we arrived to the harbor an hour before the departure. The ferry was rather large, so we fit in easily despite there being quite a lot of vehicles. The ferry crossing cost 293 NOK (approx. 36€) per bike. The payments worked as with the previous crossings i.e. the payment could be made in cash or credit card to the cashier, who walked among the cars and bikes.


The trip was again pretty even and the scenery was impressing. Even the weather got better while we were heading towards Bodo.

On the ferry to Bodo
On the ferry to Bodo
On the ferry to Bodo
On the ferry to Bodo
On the ferry to Bodo
On the ferry to Bodo

We finally reached Bodo and headed straight for the hotel.

Bodo from the sea

This time we stayed at Thon Hotel Nordlys, which was ok, but in front of the reception there was a trampoline for kids, which made a squeaky noise every time somebody jumped on it and it was full of kids. Luckily the noise didn’t carry to our room, but even though the room was located on the second floor, the window was on the street level and there were a lot of people walking by. It was very hot and the room didn’t have air conditioning and we would’ve wanted to keep the window open and move aside the heavy drapes to get some fresh air, but we couldn’t because passers-by would’ve seen inside. Otherwise the hotel was really unremarkable and basic. The price was 1020 NOK (approx. 128€) per night.

Thon Hotel Nordlys
Thon Hotel Nordlys

At this point of the trip we reached a point when we had to do some laundry. We have searched for laundromats before as well, but we couldn’t find any. There was a cleaner in Bodo, but the prices were really steep and there wasn’t a price on just a load of laundry. There was a laundry service at the hotel, but we were too late. The laundry should’ve been given to the reception by 9 a.m. in order to get them back by the end of the day and the hotel didn’t offer any other option. As we were just staying for one night, we didn’t have any other choice than to go to the store and get a bottle of laundry detergent and do some laundry in the sink. We used hangars to hang the laundry all over the bathroom. Not the ideal situation, but as we were out of clean clothes, this was better than nothing.

After the laundry operation we headed into the town and ended up having lunch in restaurant Bjork, which was mentioned in Trip Advisor as having the best pizzas. The pizzas were ok, but not excellent. Two pizzas, one drink, one beer, and two Cokes cost 650 NOK (approx. 81€). At this point we already realized that this price level was normal for Norway, but it still pained me to pay this amount of money for rather average food.

Restaurant Bjork
Restaurant Bjork

After pizzas we headed for a walk in Bodo, but the town was pretty small, so it didn’t take much time to walk around it.


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