Northern Norway: Day 10: Bodo-Saltstraumen-Mo i Rana

For today we have only planned one sightseeing stop, but a lot of driving and two ferry trips. We had breakfast at restaurant Egon, which was quite good as in other Thon hotels we’ve stayed at. Around the time we were checking out of the hotel it started raining quite heavily. Nice way to start the day.

The first stop of the day was at Saltstraumen maelstrom, which are created by tides. The interesting thing is that there is a schedule for the phenomenon, which can be found here. On the day we were driving we could’ve witnessed maelstroms on 2:24, 8:58, 14:59 or 21:07. We were aiming for 8:58, but due to random things in the morning (rain and me forgetting my helmet in the hotel room) we reached the place about 15 min late. We even first drove across the bridge as we didn’t know the exact place we needed to be, but the sightseeing spot is at the Bodo end of the bridge and there is in fact a (bad) road sign.


We stopped at the parking spot and walked a few minutes to the sightseeing spot. The whirlpools can be visible from both the shore and the bridge. If you want to look at them from the bridge, you need to park the car on the same parking spot and walk to the bridge because there is no room to stop or park on the bridge. We missed the beginning, so I don’t know how it started, but we could see the whirlpools well when we arrived some 20 minutes late.


The day was still rather cloudy, but at least the rain has stopped and allowed us to enjoy the view. After spending some time at Saltstraumen, we started the next part of the journey from Saltstraumen to Foroy.


How could I describe this trip? It. Rained. Heavily. At some point we just had to accept that this day would be all about rain. We stopped for short breaks once in a while, but it just kept raining, so we tried to drive for as long stints as we could despite less than stellar mood. We finally ended in Foroy from where we were supposed to take the ferry to Ågskardet. Despite us arriving when the ferry was still loading, we had to face the fact that it got full and we just had to sit and wait for the next one. Luckily the wait was just 45 minutes during which we had a serious discussion about purchasing real rain suit for riding during this kind of weather. The ferry schedule can be found here. The ferry crossing took eventually only 10 min and cost 47 NOK (a bit under 6€) per bike.

After arriving to Ågskardet, we just drove directly to the next ferry in Jektvik.


There was a second ferry from Jektvik to Kilboghavn and this crossing was longer and too about an hour and cost 90 NOK (approx. 11€) per bike. We were really happy to get inside and away from the rain even for an hour. The gloves were soaking wet and the shoes weren’t any better. The coat was in a pretty good condition thanks to the waterproof layer inside, but the pants were wet. So the mood wasn’t the greatest and we just tried to warm up as much as possible during the trip. After finally arriving in Kilboghamn, we gathered our last strength and started driving towards Mo i Rana.

Kilboghavn-Mo i Rana

If there’s any silver lining it’s the fact that Mo i Rana was the only place during the entire trip where we’d spend two nights, so we had hope of drying our riding gear and even the shoes before needing to ride for any length of time. We stayed at Rica Meyergården Hotel at the old side, which was rather grand, but a bit time-worn here and there.

Old wing of the hotel
Hotel entrance
Rica Meyergården hallway
Our room

We arrived soaking wet and tired to the Rica Meyergården hotel and after checking in we hung our gear, clothes and shoes to dry and had to take a hot shower for half an hour just to get warmed up. After getting dressed in something dry, we needed food, so we googled a restaurant called Number 3, which was apparently really good and was located close to the hotel. When we got to the restaurant they had a note on the door saying that they’re closed until further notice. We didn’t have a plan B, so we just walked around looking for a place to eat. Not so surprisingly Mo i Rana wasn’t very big, so we found just a couple of places. We passed a Chinese restaurant and some kebab place and the noticed a restaurant called Abelone, so we ended up having our dinner there. The restaurant was a bit confusing as it had both Greek and Norwegian food on the menu, so we ended up ordering mere plate for starter and for main course I ordered salmon and my boyfriend ordered a meat dish.


The salmon was really good as the potatoes that came with the meat dish, but the vegetables on my plate were just defrosted in a microwave. The green salad didn’t impress either. The meat dish wasn’t a highlight either. The food, a glass of wine and two beers cost 893 NOK (approx. 112€), which was quite a lot for a very uneven experience. To be honest, I would’ve chosen to eat at Subway if I’d known.

When we came out it started raining again, so we half ran back to the hotel as we’ve had quite enough of rain for one day thankyouverymuch. On our way we stopped at a store to buy some water and boyfriend bought some cigarettes for a very cheap price of 98 NOK (approx. 12€). I think that this was one and only pack bought in Norway. 🙂

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