Eating in Copenhagen

In the end of July I finally visited a friend of mine in Copenhagen. She has moved there two years ago and I can’t believe that it took me so long to visit! So finally I got my act together, booked a plane ticket and a few weeks later I finally was there. Copenhagen airport has a very easy train connection to the city, which cost 36DKK (4,91€) and it takes you to the city in about 20 min. The only downside was that I managed to arrive around 1 p.m. and the train was packed, but luckily the trip doesn’t take that long.

My friends’ place was very near the Copenhagen Central Station, so it was an easy 10 min walk from there. This was a very different trip in terms of sightseeing. This was my fourth trip to Copenhagen, so I’ve pretty much seen all the sights and the point was more to catch up with my friend than do a lot of sightseeing. When I checked my photos after the trip, I’ve noticed that I mostly have photos of food as our sightseeing was mostly riding around on a bike (a great way to get around Copenhagen, but not so great for taking pictures), hanging around the house, and going out to eat, so here are a few tips on eating out in Copenhagen.

Torvehallerne Food Market

Torvehallerne is an awesome place if you like food markets or just want to grab something to eat. There are a lot of little places serving food as well as shops selling everything from fresh herbs to baked goods.


We decided to have banh mi at Banh Mi Daily and it was fresh, just spicy enough, and tasted very good.

Banh Mi Daily
Banh Mi Daily

After that we had cava in the outside in the spot serving Spanish cavas. It was such a pity that we weren’t that hungry as the market was filled with food all of which looked delicious!

Copenhagen Street Food

The next day we biked to Copenhagen Street Food to have lunch. The place was just opening around noon. Upside was that there weren’t that many people. Yet. The downside was that some of the stalls were still closed and some were just opening. We took a tour around and then decided what we would like to try and let me tell you that this wasn’t easy. I wanted to try about everything they had, but unfortunately we needed to make a choice.

Copenhagen Street Food
Copenhagen Street Food

We ended up ordering dim sum plate from Red China and we liked the dim sum a lot.

Copenhagen Street Food – Red China

And then we decided to have burgers from Fat Burger, which were also good.

Copenhagen Street Food – Fat Burger

There are benches inside the large hall, which houses all the stalls, but we decided to eat outside as it was a nice day. The only downside was that it was really windy, so we needed to keep a close eye on our plates and drinks, otherwise they would’ve flown away. We also got soft drinks from one stall, but unfortunately all the bars were still closed at this hour. 😉


The next day we decided to go and get burgers for dinner and my friend’s husband recommended Halifax, so we decided to go there. We didn’t make a reservation, so we had to wait for about 15 min to get a table, but it was totally worth it!

You get to build a burger yourself in terms of what kind of bun you want, what do you want inside the burger (there are ready suggestions of combos), what sauce, and whether you want a side dish or not. I chose Zihuatanejo burger, which had aioli, guacamole, cheddar, jalapeños, salsa, red onions, and lettuce with fries and mayo and it was good! 🙂


We walked home and stopped at Tivoli. You need to pay an entrance fee to get in, but a friend of mine had an annual card, so we got in for free (sort of because of course my friend needed to pay for the card) and walked around a bit. This is basically the only sightseeing I did during the entire trip. 🙂


Copenhagen City Hall


The next day we wanted to have a late lunch and headed for Kødby, which is Copenhagen’s food district. The area of Kødby used to be a meatpacking district, but after the meat industry moved away the area was transformed into a trendy place with many restaurants, but the look is still very industrial. On one of my previous trips we visited Mother and had really good pizzas. Admittedly it was winter and we were really cold and hungry, so the food and warmth from the Mother kitchen felt particularly good. 😀

This time we chose Warpigs, which none of us has visited before and we didn’t even really know what to expect.


Warps turned out to be a brewpub, so they had different beers, sodas, and a rather “manly” selection of food. 😀




I ended up choosing beef ribs and hush puppies with pimento cheese. At this point I noticed that apparently plates are not a necessity and the food is put directly on a metal tray, which was covered with parchment paper. I also asked for soda and got a cup, which I could fill myself at the soda machine and refills were included. A friend of mine chose the same ribs, but with mac and cheese and apparently mac and cheese wasn’t very good. I liked my food quite a lot although it was quite heavy.


There was a metro construction ground right next to Kødby and the shielding plywood was painted with beautiful graffiti.




Karma Sushi

On the next night we visited Karma Sushi. It was another lovely evening with great food! We chose edamame beans to share for starter and a plate of sushi called Douglas Menu. The food was 90% great, but there was a couple of maki rolls, which weren’t to my taste. The menu was so filling that we didn’t have any dessert, but decided to have another drinks instead. They do serve quite decent drinks! 🙂

Starter drinks at Karma Sushi
Karma Sushi – Edamame beans
Karma Sushi – The Douglas Menu
Drinks at Karma Sushi

The Ricemarket

I used to say that if Copenhagen has bad food, I haven’t seen it, but on the last day unfortunately I had to admit that such places exist. Not that the food at The Ricemarket was bad, but it was very… meh. I had prawns for starters and this dish was quite good, but when I chose their “famous spareribs Asian style” I was expecting something really good, but what I god was a somewhat ok tasting serving of ribs, which were a bit on the cold side. A friend of mine had a rice with chicken and vegetables, which she couldn’t finish because it didn’t taste good, and her husband had a bento box, which according to him was also merely ok. Both of them have visited the place in the past and liked the food then, but this time none of us were happy with the food.

The Ricemarket – Prawns
The Ricemarket – Famous spare ribs Asian style
The Ricemarket – Bento box

So all in all the visit was good and the good food was served in an overwhelming majority of places, but you can’t avoid the disappointments altogether. 🙂 After The Ricemarket I headed to the airport and bought a box of wonderful Peter Beier chocolates at the Copenhagen airport to take home. By the way, I love Copenhagen airport! It has interesting shops and good food, so if you ever need to spend extra time at the airport, this is the one. 🙂

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