Saint Petersburg and Moscow – Day 6

This day started not so surprisingly with breakfast. Well, let’s rather call it lunch as we managed to finally get out of our hotel room by noon. We headed towards Cafe Pushkin, which was recommended in the Lonely Planet guide. The cafe itself is rather interesting and even the menu is done in the old writing style, but while the food was quite good, I thought that the cafe was quite expensive and I didn’t get the feeling that I must come back. I can’t quite put my finger on why the experience left me cold.

Cafe Pushkin
Cafe Pushkin. I ordered salad and while this dish was good, it wasn’t quite salad. 🙂
Cafe Pushkin. Borsch soup, which was ok, but not as good as my mother makes.
Cafe Pushkin. Blinis with berried and cream were excellent!

After lunch we headed towards VDNH. For some reason I thought that this would be one big buildings with sections, but it turned out to be a large outside area with different buildings (aka pavilions). Some pavilions are still under repair and some were closed, but in some were exhibitions. VDNH is also located nearby Ostankino tower and there was a monument very close to the main entrance.

The Monument to the Conquerors of Space



When we got to the VDNH it got quite dark and it became clear that it’s going to rain soon. We managed just to spend 15 minutes walking when the rain started. We ran quickly under the roof of some building and then spent next 20 minutes waiting for the rain to stop. I had my raincoat with me, but my boyfriend forgot his.


After the rain subsided a bit, we continued hoping to find an interesting exhibition or museum to go to.


We finally found a robotics exhibition and decided that it looked interesting. We paid the entrance fee (590 rubles per person) for something that turned out to be the shittiest robotics exhibition I’ve ever seen. A lot of it was directed for children and the robots were very basic. E.g. the robot designed to shoot hoops didn’t manage to throw the ball into the net once and we watched several attempts. Also the guides while enthusiastic could not answer any follow-up questions. The only upside was that it has rained again outside, so we were spared from that but at a pretty steep price I must say.


We continued on and found another offer for entertainment and as we had nothing better to do, we decided to try that as well. There was access to five different museums for 1000 rubles per person. One was Labyrinth of Fear, the second Mirror Labyrinth, the third Ribbon Labyrinth, the fourth Optical Illusions Museum, and the fifth an Upside Down House. We had absolutely no idea what those would be, but we had time, so why not.


We ended up going the wrong way into the Labyrinth of Fear, Ribbon labyrinth was easy to navigate out, Mirror Labyrinth was freaky and was truly difficult to navigate. Also the lights in the labyrinth made it really hot. Optical illusions museum turned out having paintings on the wall into which you could place yourself and take photos. Upside down house was well… a house with everything upside down. After this I wowed off these strange “museums”. 😀

Mirror labyrinth

We got out and continued to explore the VDNH area, which had some really nice buildings. It is definitely best visited on a good summer day. The weather was good for a while, but then the clouds started gathering again.


We headed out, but couldn’t beat the rain, so we hid under the main entrance gates to stay out from yet another shower. Finally the rain subsided, so we could briskly walk back to the metro station.

We made a reservation to the restaurant called Uilliam’s and I really do warmly recommend making a reservation if you want to dine here. The place was absolutely full! On the quality of the place my boyfriend and I were deeply divided. We both had soups for starters, which were quite good, but I had grilled octopus and potatoes with truffle oil while my boyfriend chose pasta. Absolutely go for grilled dishes! The octopus was very very good and the truffle oil potatoes were to die for. Pasta apparently was just ok.


We were so stuffed that we simply could not manage to have any dessert and headed back to the hotel after dinner just in time to avoid another rain shower. The final bill was once again around 6000 rubles (100€) for two people including wine.

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