Saint Petersburg and Moscow – Day 8

I just keep repeating myself, but it’s breakfast time again. This morning we headed to a breakfast place called Cook’kareku, which is a cafe that offers breakfast 24 h a day. The menu of this place has breakfast dishes from around the world, so you can have breakfast any time of day. I thought the idea is pretty neat and the food was also good, so warmly recommended.







After breakfast we headed to the Moscow State University because somebody said that the building was very impressive. I must say the building is very impressive. 🙂

Moscow State University main building
Moscow State University main building

It was enormous! Of course the main building itself is not the entire university, so the campus was enormous as well. This building was located a decent walk from the metro station and all distances were pretty big, so this sight is recommended if you have extra time and like walking. 🙂

We continued towards the Sparrow Hills (Воробьевы горы) to get another look at Moscow high-rise area. There is a type of lookout point (there was some constructions, so it was not the best lookout point this summer) and you can see a lot of the city from there. It also offers an excellent view of Luzhniki, the huge and famous stadium complex built across the river for the 1980 Olympics.

View from the Sparrow Hill

From there we wanted to go to the Gorky Park as our Moscow off-the-beaten-track guide recommended it and it was a really nice day. The distance from the Sparrow hill to the park was too long to be walked (for us at least) and we for sure did not want to walk back to the metro station Universitet from where we came as it was also something like three kilometers away. Luckily the offline map has a feature for suggesting public transportation as well (the feature unfortunately doesn’t work well a lot of times, but sometimes it’s very useful) and it suggested a bus ride until the next metro station from where we could take the metro. I think you can use the same prepaid card for both buses as for the metro, but we ended up buying single tickets as we weren’t sure.

We finally reached Gorky Park and walked around a little bit. The day was great, so there were a lot of people chilling and doing some activities like biking and roller skating. Surprisingly there is a free wifi in the park, which worked pretty well.


In the evening we chose restaurant U-me (Ю-мэ) as it was ranked as the best Japanese restaurant in the entire Moscow. With all the sushi craze and the amount of sushi restaurants in Moscow, I expected something great. What we got was something average at best. I can get sushi of the same level in any food court in Helsinki, but surprisingly they had a rather decent mojito. 😀



The maki pieces in the back were so huge that I couldn’t fit the entire one in my mouth. They needed to be eaten in two or three bites, fell apart, and of course you couldn’t taste everything at once, which was a pity because these maki pieces were probably the best. The maki pieces in front didn’t really taste like anything.


The tempura was ok, but served without mayo. I’m not sure how standard mayo is with tempura, but I can’t remember a time I didn’t get mayo on the side when ordering tempura.


The soup and the meat dish were also kind of average. I don’t know what all other sushi restaurants are like in Moscow if this one is the best. Unfortunately this wasn’t our favorite dinner during our trip.




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