Seili – Part 2

The next day we got up pretty early as we needed to catch the 9:20 ferry to Seili. We managed to grab a quick breakfast at our hotel, pack some books and picnic items and walk the 50 meters to the harbor from our hotel. You can see the ferry schedule here.

You can’t take your car to Seili, so we were by foot. There is the Archipelago Research Institute that is a part of the University of  Turku located on the island, so there are a few cars on the island transporting equipment and other things, but for tourists walking is an only option.

Nauvo harbor
Ferry from Nauvo to Seili
Ferry from Nauvo to Seili


Ferry from Nauvo to Seili
Ferry from Nauvo to Seili
Ferry from Nauvo to Seili

And then we just started walking. There is a clear trail from the Seili harbor to the church at the other end of the island, so it is very easy to walk it. There seemed to be only a handful of people on the entire island, so it was really peaceful as well. This summer has been coldest in something like 60 years, but we hit the jackpot what comes to weather. It was a really hot day (well, at least by Finnish standards). 😀







We walked up to the Seili church and there was a big green field with a few trees, so we found a spot in a shadow and just sat there for a couple of hours reading, surfing the internet and talking. We also ate the rest of the food we had with us from the previous’ day picnic. Hotel Lanterna had a small fridge, where all our food was stored for the night.

The church opened at noon if I remember correctly, so then we had a chance to visit it. The odd thing about the church was that there was a separate section for the patients and a separate section for the rest. And of course there was the cemetery behind the church with only women’s graves.

Church of Seili


Church of Seili
Church of Seili
Church of Seili
Church of Seili. Patient section.
Church of Seili cemetery
Church of Seili cemetery

You can visit Seili and only spend just a bit over an hour, but we wanted to take it easy and spend some time together, so we took the 14:35 ferry back to Nauvo. After getting back to Nauvo, we picked our car from Hotel Lanterna’s parking spot and headed back to Helsinki. We did make one stop at the Design Hill Cafe near Salo. The place is more of an outlet with a cafe in it, but the cafe served really good shakes. Everything else they had also looked super good. The only negative was really slow service, but the shakes were worth the wait!

Shakes at Design Hill Cafe

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