Restaurants in Katowice

Due to a new project at work I have visited Katowice three times during the past year. Because the visits are work-related, I haven’t had much time to do sightseeing in the city, but a girl’s gotta eat. While we often just grab something for lunch from the nearby mall food court or office cafeteria, we have visited a couple of great restaurants in the city in the evenings and these two stood out.

First one is Tatiana in which we had a really good team dinner. The food was great, the waiting staff was professional and they even managed to arrange a great three-course very tasty vegan menu for one of the members of the party, which is quite unusual for Poland. You of course need to notify them in advance if you have dietary restrictions, but they were very accommodating. All in all we had a really good experience and I recommend this restaurant warmly.

Restaurant Tatiana
Restaurant Tatiana
Restaurant Tatiana
Restaurant Tatiana

The second place is called Sakana Sushi and we’ve visited it a couple of times. The sushi in this restaurant is great! You sit around the counter and in the middle there are one or two chefs depending on how many people there are in the restaurant. You order from the menu the maki or nigiri you’d like to have and the chefs will make them in front of you. The menu is split into several sections based on the price. The presentation is also beautiful.

The upside is that the sushi is fresh and really good. Also the chef can tweak it to your liking if you prefer to have it spicier or have some dietary restrictions. The downside is that it is a bit difficult to catch the sushi chef’s attention if there are a lot of people. So on one visit we kind of needed to excessively flag for attention because we definitely wanted more sushi. 🙂 This one is also recommended if you’re in the mood for good sushi.

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