Cape Town and Johannesburg: Day 1

As a Northern person, I don’t deal with heat that well. Cold is a question of wearing the right clothes, but when it’s hot, you can’t just take all your clothes off. 😀 And sometimes even that doesn’t help…

So when the summer comes around I like to stay North, because it rarely gets too hot in here. And I classify anything over +25°C as too hot. So when this year we were thinking of where to go on our summer holiday, we were looking somewhere where it wouldn’t be excruciatingly hot and we ended up booking tickets to South Africa.

So how it usually works is that I get an idea, research flights, book flights, and THEN start thinking of what to do there. So after my friend and I booked flights and did some research, we realized that there were tons of interesting things in South Africa and unfortunately we would only have time for some of it, but that’s something I’ve only recently came to terms with. It’s rather impossible to see everything, so with time I’ve become more relaxed as a traveller.

I spent a few days in Berlin and then we flew from Berlin to Istanbul, had a one hour layover there and then it was an almost-direct flight to Cape Town with a stop in Durban, but we didn’t leave the plane. Some people left, some new people came onboard and then we left again some one hour later.

When we landed, we were dead tired and also shocked to see that winter in Cape Town was +28°C! The weather of course doesn’t get too cold in Cape Town, but it is not supposed to be this high either. But we got a cab from Touchdown Taxis (somebody recommended them) and we were on our way to the hotel.

We have booked Cape Town Hollow Hotel and we were mostly happy with it. The room was nice and the service at front desk was always super helpful and friendly. What we didn’t like was the elevator renovation that was going on during the entire time we stayed there, which started at 9-10 a.m., which is not unreasonable time, but not a nice surprise nevertheless. Another thing that was not great, was the breakfast, which basically never changed and the breakfast room staff were like night and day compared to the front desk staff mostly hanging around and chatting. The housekeeping staff were also great.

Cape Town Hollow
Cape Town Hollow

What we loved about this hotel and our room was the view, which changed depending on the day and the hour. It was gorgeous!

View from our room when we arrived
View from our room the next morning
View from our room the day after

Our plan for the first day was basically

  1. get to Cape Town
  2. find a hotel
  3. get something to eat
  4. go to sleep

So next step was to get something to eat. We realized that we don’t want to go anywhere far, but just to grab something and also find a store, which sells sunblock as we didn’t bring any because we weren’t expecting this kind of temperature. So we selected Hudsons the Burger Joint as our first restaurant in Cape Town and it was located within one kilometer from the hotel, so it was a nice walk.

We ordered sliders, ice tea and a shake. The food was really good! Not fancy-restaurant-good, but very very nice hamburgers and the shake was divine (and huge!). We sat on the terrace and enjoyed the nice weather.

Hudsons the Burger Joint

On the way back to the hotel we found a shop, which sold sunblock, so my friend’s skin was safe. I don’t burn that easily, but she really needs the protection. We also bought some water. Tap water in South Africa is drinkable, but it’s good to have some water bottles you can carry with you. After that we walked back to the hotel, took a long shower and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Sleeping on the plane is something that I don’t think anyone enjoys especially when our seats were in middle row. 😉

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