Cape Town and Johannesburg: Day 5

For the fifth day in Cape Town, we have booked a wine tour with Wine Flies. There are of course plenty of the companies, who arrange wine tours, but they had a cool web page, so that was the main reason we selected them. 😉 The tour cost R750 per person and they picked us up from the hotel. Maybe I’m getting old, but most of the people we travelled with on this tour were unbelievably annoying (people yelling “When we’re gonna get drunk?” all the time) and the fact that our van driver/guide played music from late 80s and early 90s the entire day and they were all singing along! A few hours of Britney Spears will get to you! On top of that there were a couple of spoiled rich kids and a video blogger and they spent a lot of time discussing how to monetize travel. And one person wanted to take pictures of everybody and asked all of us to friend him on Facebook, so he could share them. I’m probably overreacting, but why would you want to take pictures of strangers in the first place and then have them as friends on Facebook?! Anyway, the trip was interesting, but I was happy to get back to the hotel in the evening and just be quiet for a while. 😀


We had five vineyards, which we were going to visit and we tried five different wines. Unfortunately most of the wines weren’t really to my taste, but the vineyards were beautiful even this time of year.


One vineyard had an enclosure for some rescued animals.


We had cheese tasting at one of the places, which were really good. At another vineyard we tasted wine with chocolate, but the cheese tasting was better.


Some of the places we visited make money by selling grapes and make wine on the side as a hobby instead of core business. At the last vineyard we had great “port”, but as we were traveling with only our carry-ons, buying wine wasn’t unfortunately an option.

For the evening we had booked a table at The Pot Luck Club, which had a very strict booking policy. You had to pay a booking fee online, which was then taken into account when paying the final bill. The restaurant is located in an interesting area called The Old Biscuit Mill and it would’ve been great to visit it also during the day. But it looked cool in the dark as well, it was just a pity that we couldn’t visit the shops. They also had dishes to share and they were all really really good! The service was attentive. The only thing I didn’t like was my second cocktail, but that’s probably just a preference. The place is clearly very trendy and people were dressed a bit nicer. Reservation is a must as most of time slots were filled and we only got the seats at the counter.


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