Cape Town and Johannesburg: Day 12

On our last day, we had plans to maybe a visit a museum in the morning as our flight was around 4 p.m., but honestly we were already quite tired from having quite a lot to do every day and we didn’t want to run around town with all our valuables as we had to check out. What we ended up doing is just hanging out on the patio at our hotel and reading. šŸ™‚

We had lunch at a cafe called Tashas at the Rosebank Mall and after that we walked to the Gautrain station with an intention to take the train to the airport. We wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t get caught in traffic. WeĀ loaded the necessary amount of money onto our Gautrain cards, passed the gate, and checked the board to see from which platform the train towards the airport is leaving. Suddenly the board went black and there was an announcement that there is a power outage and the trip will be delayed by 60 minutes! We had a couple of hours before our plane was leaving, so we weren’t in a huge hurry, but the delay by 60 minutes wasn’t certainly in our plan.

My friend went downstairs to the platforms to check the situation and came up with a guy, who was orderingĀ Uber on his phone and my friend announced that she found somebody to share the ride to the airport with. šŸ™‚ So we got in andĀ chatted all the way to the airport. We once again got to ask some questions about South Africa. It turned out that the guy is from Cape Town and was in Johannesburg on a business trip, so when we got to the airport, we offered him money, but he said that his company will reimburse him for it and that we should spend the money on buying some South African souvenirs to bring home with us. šŸ™‚

What was strange was that we couldn’t just approach the check-in desk (check-in online wasn’t possible), but there was a woman with a passenger list and only after she found our names on the list, we were allowed to go to the desk. šŸ™‚ After that the check-in proceeded normally.

Johannesburg airport is quite big and there areĀ a lot of shops, so it is a pretty good place to buy gifts especially if you travel with only hand luggage. But in addition to shopping, you really need to be prepared for power outages, rush hours andĀ some oddities at the airport, so I suggest, you reserve enough time for the trip to the airport.


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