10-hour Layover in Munich

On our way to Malta we had a 10-hour layover in Munich. It was clear that we wouldn’t spend all that time at the airport, but we didn’t have any plans for Munich either, so we basically decided to take the train to the city and just go from there. I had downloaded an offline map for Munich, so when we got off the train, we just set course towards Munich Altstadt figuring that the old town is the best point to start when we had very limited time.


St. Michael’s Church
St. Michael’s Church
Museum of Hunting and Fishing
Das Neue Rathaus
Das Neue Rathaus
Das Neue Rathaus

We were really hungry, so we just headed to the first cafe we found at Marienplatz, which turned to have really nice breakfast.

Breakfast at Cafe Marienplatz

After breakfast we continued to wander around and enjoy the sunny day.

Holy Ghost Church
Holy Ghost Church
Holy Ghost Church


St. Peter’s Church

We also decided to go to the Rathaus tower (tickets cost 2,50€ for adults), which had a really nice view of Munich city center. The viewing balcony was quite small and the elevator to get up there was even smaller, but luckily it was still pretty early, so we managed to avoid the crowd.

St. Peter’s Church (view from Rathaus)
Munich (view from Rathaus)


When we were walking around, we noticed some posters for Oktoberfest that was taking place at the same time. We don’t drink beer, but we thought it would be cool to see what’s going on there, so we walked to the Oktoberfest location, which turned out to be pretty far away from the city center, but we had time. It was really interesting and people were really wearing leather pants and drindl dresses. 🙂


The beer drinking took place inside big tents, which were set up by a beer brand and served just the beer of that beer house. Or at least that’s what I deducted based on my very limited experience with beer. 😀 A lot of benches seemed to be reserved as well and almost everything else was taken even though the time at this point was something like 1 p.m.


The beer was served in one liter jugs and everybody seemed to be drinking just them. I didn’t see any micro brewery type of drinks and I think that despite Germans being big beer drinkers, there are less micro breweries in Germany than in a lot of other countries.


We walked around and bought a pretzel a size of my head, but no beer as neither of us normally drinks beer and we didn’t feel like having a liter of beer. 😉


There was a train station not too far away, so we just took the train back to the airport. Germany is a very much cash-based country. We had some serious issues when trying to purchase a train ticket as none of our credit cards worked and we needed to start from the beginning each time the transaction failed, so I recommend having some cash with you just in case.

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