Azores: Day 4 (São Miguel)

So today we had to try to visit the Vista do Rei again as the weather seemed to have improved significantly and what a view it was!

Vista do Rei

It must look even more colorful in the spring and summer, but even in October the view was magnificent.

Vista do Rei

We also drove down to the bridge and stopped on the way at a couple of viewing points.

Lagoa das Sete Cidades
Lagoa das Sete Cidades
Lagoa de Santiago

There was also a road sign for some other viewing point/place for sightseeing, but we drove the same road twice and didn’t find it. We also didn’t find this place on HERE Maps and on Google Maps we found it, but there was nothing there when we drove past the spot indicated by Google Maps. 😀 So we decided to give up and find a place to have lunch.



We drove back to Sete Cidades and first looked up a restaurant, which was #1 on  Tripadvisor, but it turned out that so did everybody else. 😀 The place was packed even though the food didn’t even look that appealing, so we decided to try another placed called O Americo closer to Mosteiros, which was our next stop. This restaurant was something though… It was located in a very unremarkable building next to a funeral home. Inside the paint was peeling off the walls and the interior was full of simple furniture and almost nothing else. Despite this there were quite a lot of people inside eating and we were hungry, so we decided to give this restaurant a chance. I ordered squid and my boyfriend ordered a hamburger. My squid dish was actually really good and the hamburger cost 4,50€ and my boyfriend said that for that price he had eaten much worse hamburgers. 🙂 I don’t quite agree with some of the Tripadvisor reviewers that this was the best food in Azores, but it was a pretty nice lunch. 😀

O Americo

After eating we headed towards Mosteiros, which is a location I didn’t pick up on when doing my research, but our Airbnb host recommended it. And it was amazing! Jagged black volcanic rocks agains which the blue water crashes. It was just so beautiful and peaceful that we stayed a long time, drove a bit forward and stopped again. There just was something magical about the endless ocean around.


Apparently you can swim here, but only during the low tide. Otherwise the waves are much too strong.


This is the same location as in the picture above, but with waves crashing down into the small natural pool.


We also drove to some village with this gorgeous black sand beach. There were a lot of surfers at this location as it wasn’t as rocky as the others.


We continued to Ponta da Ferraria, which took us on a sharp winding road down from the coast. When we got there, there was a parking lot and a spa building. We were disappointed at first when we thought that this is it, but we decided to go closer to the beach and we were really glad we did. The beach had even more dramatic scenery than Mosteiros and we again walked some on the rocks and enjoyed the view of the ocean.

Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria

In the evening we drove to a restaurant, which is supposedly the best steak restaurant on São Miguel. It was again recommended to us by our Airbnb host. There are a lot of agriculture and especially cows on Azores, so this agricultural association of Azores (Associação Agricola) is an umbrella organization for Azorean farmers and they maintain the restaurant Restaurante Associação Agricola. It is located near Ribeira Grande, so approx. 20 min drive from Ponta Delgada, but it was really worth to drive there. The restaurant is designed for the entire family, so it is quite noisy and they only serve fries on the side of the steaks, but the steaks were fantastic. Just the right degree of medium rare. The size of the steak was huge, so that I barely managed to eat mine. Of course we didn’t manage to eat any dessert after that, so if you want to try more, they do offer 1/2 steaks as well.

Reservation is mandatory. First I sent them an email a couple of days before, which they didn’t answer. [And as I mentioned before not a single place in Azores answers emails. :D] So I called the day before trying to get a table for the same evening, but they were fully booked. I managed to get a table for the next day though.

Restaurante Associação Agricola

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