Azores: Day 8 (São Miguel)

The last day was reserved to Ponta Delgada sightseeing, but the truth is that the city center is very very small and we’ve seen a good part of it when walking to restaurants in the evening.

Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada

We stumbled upon this ice cream shop and they had pretty amazing flavors.

Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada

This was pretty cool. I thought this was just a regular phone booth and wondered if people still use them, but on closer inspection this turned out to be a tiny library.

Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada

So even though we walked slowly and sat on the beach for a long time, I think our city tour took less than a couple of hours. The day was somewhat grey and there was a chance of rain, so we didn’t want to go very far. I would suggest to either have less time for Ponta Delgada or to visit more surrounding gardens, because there really isn’t enough to see to take the entire day. So we decided once again to just take it easy and go take a nap at the Airbnb. 😀

In the evening we had booked a table at Boca de Cena, which turned out to be an excellent choice. The entire restaurant is a one man show, who greets, serves and cooks. The restaurant is rather small, but it is nevertheless impressive. The recommended wine was good, the food was good, and the dessert pies were absolutely fantastic! A good place to toast to the last night on Azores.

Boca de Cena

The next morning we closed the door to our Airbnb apartment and took a cab to the airport. The flight back was mostly uneventful, but we managed to buy some of the Azorean spicy pepper sauce and some wine at the airport [which was x-rayed and very thoroughly inspected when I was flying from Berlin to Helsinki a few days later]. The downside of traveling with just the hand luggage.

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