Dubai: Day 3

We stayed up pretty late the day before, so it of course resulted in us sleeping in the next day. So we woke up around noon, took a shower and tried to figure out what to do. Our friend has booked a table for the evening at a restaurant called China Grill, which would have a ladies’ night, so we had about five hours to kill.

We decided to go and have breakfast to the Mall of Emirates, which was nearby. We chose a cafe called Common Grounds, which had a nice selection and the food was very good.

Common Grounds

After eating we headed to the movies to see Doctor Strange. There weren’t many people at the movies, but of course we were joined by a group of teenagers one of whom kept constantly commenting on the movie despite shushing by his friends. Luckily there were plenty of free seats, so we could move and sit further away. The movie was also pretty good. 🙂

At the movies

In the evening we took a taxi to The Westin and had a great dinner at China Grill. Apparently there are plenty of good deals in Dubai, you just need to know where to go. They had a ladies’ night at China Grill, which meant that the wine and bubbly was flowing with the waiting staff was topping our glasses constantly. The food was also 50% off if we ate for at least 100 dirhams (26€) each. This was absolutely not a problem as the food was delicious. The funny thing was that because this offer was for ladies only, it would be off if a man would join us at our table. 😀

Dubai at night
The Westin
China Grill

China Grill had a club upstairs, where we continued after dinner. I rather hate clubbing, but we managed to spend about three hours there. The club scene is completely the same as anywhere in Europe except that you are still allowed to smoke inside, which would’ve been much more horrible, but luckily just a couple of people smoked. Despite that, our hair and clothes of course reeked of tobacco when we got home. Also, I’m not an expert in the club scene, but here ladies really don’t need to go home alone unless they want to. The advances were quite direct.

So after a few hours we took a cab back to my friend’s place. The trip from home to The Westin cost 25 dirhams (6,40€). When we waited in the taxi line there was a guy offering rides for the price of 70 dirhams (18€), but nobody seemed to be willing to pay him that much more. 🙂 Also people looked like they have had fun, but nobody was looking or behaving drunk, because that is in fact illegal in Dubai. These all-you-can-drink venues can actually be quite dangerous because constant topping of the wine or bubbly made it difficult to know how much we’ve actually drunk. Apparently the local police are quite good at spotting drunks, so you don’t want to take unnecessary risks.

3 thoughts on “Dubai: Day 3

    1. Hi!
      No, we didn’t end up going for the desert safari. We did some investigation and they weren’t really offering what we were looking for. Some companies offered dune bashing, which apparently was fun, but almost every review for every tour operator said that it only took about 20 min. Then there were a camel ride, which was also very short. So most trips seemed to be just a lot of driving and extra “filler” activities.

      Then some tour operators offered a dinner in the desert, which didn’t suit us because my sister is vegan. 😉 Also we weren’t really interested in belly dancing, henna painting, or smoking shisha. I would’ve just loved to see the desert and take some pictures of the sunset and it seemed like a waste of time and money to spend it on these activities, which didn’t really interest us.

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      1. Well that’s kinda true about the tour operators here . But let me know when yoi come back here . I’m also working for a tourism company so maybe I could help with only dune bashing .


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