Azerbaijan and Georgia – Day 11

On our last day in Tbilisi we didn’t manage to achieve very much. I think we were quite tired. I usually plan a lot of activities and if you’re traveling for a week and have activities every day it starts being more work than holiday. So we decided to take it easy. We slept late and headed out just after 2 p.m. to go to yet another wine tasting at 8000 Vintages. We asked to be served a few wines ranging from white to red and ordered a plate of cold cuts and cheeses.

497_8000 Vintages
8000 Vintages
498_8000 Vintages
8000 Vintages

The visit started really well with the owner (I think) talking to us and explaining a bit about wines and serving first three wines. Then he asked the young woman at the counter to serve us the next wine as he got an English-speaking customer, who came in to buy wine. The woman served us glasses of wine without any commentary and we were left to our own devices. The visit was good a long as the owner handled everything, but went downhill after that. But we ended buying the bottle of wine on the right to go. I would’ve never bought it based on the label, but the wine itself was surprisingly good and not at all as earthy as most Georgian wines.

502_8000 Vintages
8000 Vintages
506_8000 Vintages
8000 Vintages

When we left, we noticed that right next door was Krik Brewery, which was on my boyfriend’s list of craft beer places in Tbilisi, so we went there to try a couple of beers, which were quite good. We tried to explain to the bartender whether it would be possible to get a tasting of all the beers they had on tap in small glasses, but he didn’t understand not English nor Russian that well, so he ended up trying just a couple of different beers, which were quite alright according to my boyfriend.

Krik Brewery
510_Krik Brewery
Krik Brewery

After this we headed back to the hotel and got out again only in the evening when we went to have dinner at Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant, which turned out to be very good. We had some issues finding the place as it was located downstairs in the museum lobby and everything seemed deserted, but finally we found it! The restaurant had a woman playing an electric violin, which was quite loud and not really necessary and my boyfriend’s main course had too much tarragon in it, which seems to be the theme for Georgian restaurants at times, but overall it was a very good experience.

513_Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant
Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant
517_Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant
Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant

We spent a little time in Tbilisi old town, which we realized that we mostly missed when sightseeing. It seemed to be a lively place with a lot of restaurants and people.

522_Tbilisi Old Town
Tbilisi Old Town

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