Schwarzwald – Part 1

Because we left Strasbourg an hour or so later than I expected, we needed to shuffle our itinerary a bit. First we headed to Triberg to see Triberg waterfalls, which are Germany’s highest waterfalls.

Triberg itself is a very cute tourist trap with lots of kitsch shops selling cuckoo clocks and all kinds of other German souvenirs.


We headed up the hill to see the waterfalls. We couldn’t spot any signs, but the noise of waterfalls will guide you into the right direction. You can walk around the waterfalls as there is a path and stairs built around them. Here you can download a map with different paths. There is a cost of 3.50€ per person to access the waterfalls, but you can see a small part of them for free as well.

The waterfalls are a cascade of smaller waterfalls and the path takes you up the hill. It was raining, so it wasn’t the most pleasant climb ever, but I thought they were really nice. Also I this is the first waterfall I’ve ever seen in Germany, so that’s something to cross off my “to see” list. 🙂

3_Triberg Wasserfall
Triberg waterfall
4_Triberg Wasserfall
Triberg waterfall
7_Triberg Wasserfall
Triberg waterfall
8_Triberg Wasserfall
Triberg waterfall
12_Triberg Wasserfall
Triberg waterfall

I found online that somewhere in Schwarzwald there is a shop of a thousand cuckoo clocks, but to our surprise basically every shop was named “A shop of 1000 cuckoo clocks”, so we just chose one at random and visited it. 😀 It had A LOT of cuckoo clocks. 😀

13_House of 1000 Clocks
House of 1000 Clocks
14_House of 1000 Clocks
House of 1000 Clocks
18_House of 1000 Clocks
House of 1000 Clocks

In Triberg there is also Cafe Schäfer, which is famous for using the original recipe for Black Forest Cherry Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte), which has been in the family for generations. Of course we had to try that. We also wanted to have some other food, but the kitchen was already closed (the cafe closes at 5 p.m.), so we had to settle for cake and tea. The cake was actually quite good, but you need to be a big fan of whipped cream and cherries.

19_Cafe Schäfer
Cafe Schäfer

Then we also stopped by the world’s largest cuckoo clock, which was totally not worth it. 😀 It cost like 1€ to get inside and well, it was a cuckoo clock with a pendulum and a large wooden bird, which might or might not pop out and make cuckoo noises on the hour. 🙂

23_Weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr
The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock from the Outside
25_Weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr
The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock Pendulum
27_Weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr
The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock Mechanism
28_Weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr
The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock’s Cuckoo’s Butt

After this we continued towards Todtnau waterfall. The roads in Schwarzwald region are serpentine with really sharp turns and have really amazing scenery. The downsides were rain and the locals, who are used to driving here, so they constantly hung very close until they could overtake us, but luckily most of the time, we could have the road just to ourselves.

There was also “smoke” rising from the ground. First we suspected a fire, but it was everywhere, so it was probably a rain evaporating or something like that. It looked really magical. I imagine these places look really nice in summer, but even September scenery had its charms.


We reached Todtnau waterfalls just when it started getting dark and we managed to circle around them in about one hour, so we were back to our car just in time before it really got dark around 8 p.m.

Here we met a couple of people, but otherwise it was quite deserted and we could take enjoy the waterfalls in solitude. Here there was no admission fee, but similar well-constructed path and stairs around the cascade of waterfalls.

39_Todtnauer Wasserfälle
Todtnau Waterfalls
41_Todtnauer Wasserfälle
Todtnau Waterfalls
42_Todtnauer Wasserfälle
Todtnau Waterfalls
43_Todtnauer Wasserfälle
Todtnau Waterfalls
44_Todtnauer Wasserfälle
Todtnau Waterfalls
45_Todtnauer Wasserfälle
Todtnau Waterfalls

We started driving towards Freiburg and stopped a couple of times on the way to snap some photos of the area.


We got to Freiburg quite late (I think between 8 and 9 p.m.) and you can’t actually drive inside the old town. We actually did that before realizing this, but then quickly got out and found a parking garage. 😀


I found a promising looking restaurant during my research and we headed towards it. Restaurant Kreuzblume was very close to the parking garage, so we didn’t have the chance to explore Freiburg more at this time because it was getting late and we were really hungry, so we thought that we’d come back the next day.

The restaurant was very cosy and had great food, so I would definitely go again. Luckily they also found a table for us even though we didn’t have a reservation.

Restaurant Kreuzblume
Restaurant Kreuzblume

After dinner we headed to our hotel, which was located a few kilometers away. When we arrived, the hotel was already closed, in terms that there was nobody at the reception. We called them and they dictated us a code with which we could get a key to our room and get inside the hotel. Despite this mild inconvenience the hotel itself was clean, had a spaceous room, and a parking spot for our car.

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