Rooftop Tour Stockholm

Now that the weather finally allows you to spend time outside without freezing to death, I finally have set out to exploring Stockholm. I’ve lived here since September, but the only neighborhoods I know are really the one I live in and the one I work in. So I’ve started looking into some activities I wanted to do. The first one was the Rooftop Tour in Stockholm at Riddarholmen.

1_ Riddarholmskyrkan
Riddarholm Church
2_ Riddarholmskyrkan
Riddarholm Church

The tour costs 595 SEK per person and should be booked in advance. The meeting point was at Birgen Jarl’s statue in Riddarholmen where the guides picked us up and led to an attic of the court house, where we could put on helmets and harnesses, and where we could leave our bags. We were also strapped to a wire at all times, so safety was a major focus. I’ve done a rooftop walk before in St. Petersburg, but that one had zero safety equipment and I’m pretty sure we weren’t even allowed to be there. 😉 Here it’s all very safe and legal, so no worries there. The guides were also professionals and very helpful especially to those people in our group, who weren’t fully comfortable with heights.

Rooftop Tour
Rooftop Tour

The tour is just around one roof, but it actually took closer to an hour as the walking isn’t so fast and we stopped many times to listen to the guide, to look around, and to take pictures. The group was ten people, we stopped frequently, and it took some time to move ahead on the roof as a group.

You cannot have any loose items with you on the roof, so all mobile phones need to be in a see-through pouch, which is provided by the tour company and hangs around your neck. Also all cameras need to have a strap, so that they could go around your neck. I had my mobile in the pouch and the pictures turned out ok, even though you can see that they are a bit blurry.

Rooftop Tour
Rooftop Tour
Rooftop Tour

So we had two guides, one was telling us about Stockholm and leading the way and another was there to make sure everyone is safe and was the last in line. I really liked how it wasn’t just a tour on the roof, but also about different buildings visible from that roof and about Stockholm as well. The guide was funny and clever and I really enjoyed his stories.

Rooftop Tour
Rooftop Tour
Rooftop Tour

It has been very warm in Stockholm for the last month or so, but of course on the day we booked, it was only about 16 degrees, so I was happy I remembered to take a jacket with me. Especially at heights it was quite windy.

Rooftop Tour
Rooftop Tour
Rooftop Tour

I really enjoyed this unusual view of Stockholm and the tour, so warmly recommended and while not cheap, I really think it was worth the money.

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