Canada – Ottawa

I don’t know why, but I haven’t had any energy to write. There’s plenty that has happened after our trip to Canada, but I’m just sooo behind. One reason is obviously the crazy workload I’m having right now. After I stare at my laptop at work for 12 hours, I don’t want to spend any more time staring at my personal laptop at home. But let’s see if I ever finish the tale of Canada. 🙂

One thing to consider is that distances in Canada are insane. I was really hoping to get even further to the east coast of Canada, but La Malbaie was the furthest we could realistically reach given the time we had. As we were flying from Toronto, it was time to turn around and head towards the west, where our first stop was Ottawa.

Ottawa is approximately a six-hour drive from La Malbaie, so the first day we just managed to stop for lunch in a town of Trois-Rivières, but otherwise just kept on driving.

224_Le Buck in Trois-Rivières
Lunch at Le Buck in Trois-Rivières

We arrived in Ottawa around 7 p.m. and checked into our hotel. Swiss Hotel was modern and very clean, but the room was once again super small. It was impossible to open the bathroom door all the way, because it hit the bed and of course there was absolutely no space for suitcases. The hotel was also next to some really shady street, but in the end it was pretty quiet during the night.

287_Swiss Hotel
Swiss Hotel

The first night we only mustered enough energy to find a place to eat, which was less than 10 min walk from our hotel. We chose The Albion Rooms and it turned out to be a great place. Amazing cocktails, great selection of craft beers, and very good food. We didn’t book in advance, so we had to eat at the counter, but the attentive bartender made it a very pleasant experience.

227_The Albion Rooms
The Albion Rooms

In the morning we headed for breakfast at Wilf & Ada’s, which was located quite far away from our hotel, but at least it gave us an opportunity to get a first impression of Ottawa, which wasn’t great to be completely honest. The walk from our hotel to Wilf & Ada’s was basically boxy buildings and nothing else, so the first impression was more of “What the hell is this place?” as also the people were dressed in less-than nice clothes and it seemed like there were a lot of homeless people. The street with junkies next to our hotel didn’t help the first impression.


We needed to wait for maybe 20 min for a table to become available at Wilf & Ada’s. We ordered breakfast, which was fine, but I expected something better based on the reviews.

245_Wilf & Ada's
Wilf & Ada’s

After breakfast we headed towards the city center and wanted to see the Parliament building, which was very nice. There was a huge crowd doing park yoga in front of it in +33°C degree heat, which was insane. I was sweating like a piglet just by standing still. 😀


We climbed up the Parliament Hill to see the views and enjoy a light breeze coming from the Ottawa river.

Ottawa River

After this we headed to National Gallery of Canada. Apparently Ottawa has a lot of good museums, but as we had only one day, we chose the National Gallery. I quite liked it. It had a good selection of native Canadian art, which I have never seen before.

National Gallery of Canada
257_National Gallery of Canada
National Gallery of Canada

After the museum we kind of wandered around the city. Briefly popped into the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica and continued to ByWard Market, which had a good selection of fresh produce, but also Canadian national food – donuts. 😉 We bought a couple of donuts at Maverick’s Donut Company, but to be honest, they looked better than they tasted. Then again, I’m not a huge donut fan anyway.

269_Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica
Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica
271_Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica
Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica
275_ByWard Market
ByWard Market
276_ByWard Market
ByWard Market
279_ByWard Market
ByWard Market – Maverick’s Donut Company

We had dinner at Play Food & Wine, which was super good! Both food and wine were amazing. Would go back any time.

280_Play Food & Wine
Play Food & Wine

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