Canada – Diefenbunker and Sudbury

On this day, we once again some 500 km of driving ahead of us. We stopped for breakfast at Bread by Us. I liked my grilled cheese sandwich, but my boyfriend thought that his sandwich was merely okay. The shop was very pretty and had a lot of pastries I would’ve loved to try.

294_Bread By Us
Bread by Us

Our first stop was at Diefenbunker Museum, which was some half an hour drive away from Ottawa. This wasn’t planned as we had an initial plan of driving a scenic route to Sudbury, but truth be told Canadian scenic routes are just your usual scenery for people from Finland or Sweden. 😀 So I spotted this cold war museum close to Ottawa and we chose to visit it instead of driving additional loop.

Diefenbunker Museum

I was hoping that there would still be spots left on the tour that left at 11:00, but it was unfortunately sold out, so we had to make do with exploring the museum by ourselves. The entrance was via a shed-like building, which led to a long tunnel.

Diefenbunker Museum

From there we got to explore the extensive bunker, which had several floor. The exhibition described the daily work of people and what kind of operations they had underground.

Diefenbunker Museum
Diefenbunker Museum

There was also a small art exhibition by Marc Adornato called Ruined Landscapes.

303_Marc Adornato - Ruined Landscapes
Diefenbunker Museum
Diefenbunker Museum
Diefenbunker Museum
Diefenbunker Museum
Diefenbunker Museum
Diefenbunker Museum – Freezer/Morgue

The rest of the day was mostly driving to reach Sudbury, which was our overnight stop. We stayed at a very average Best Western Downtown Sudbury Centreville. The upside was that there was a parking lot right next to the hotel and the room had air conditioning.

We had dinner at Tucos Taco Lounge, which is a vegan restaurant. The food was pretty good, but the portions quite huge and service rather slow. It’s not like we were in the hurry though.

324_Tucos Taco Lounge
Tucos Taco Lounge

We also grabbed a milkshake from Flurple’s just across the street from Tucos.


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