Canada – Toronto Part 2

As we had quite a few days in Toronto, our days here weren’t very structured and mostly rotated around food and wandering around town more or less aimlessly.

On our third day in Toronto we had booked a Food Tour of the Kensington Market. It turned out that we were the only two people, who signed up, so we had a private guide for the four-ish hours we spent eating. The guide was super excited about the area and was talking also about history of Toronto and the area, not just about food.

622_Kensington Market
Kensington Market
623_Kensington Market
Kensington Market
624_Kensington Market
Kensington Market

As we were staying just around the corner from Kensington Market, we had already scouted the area and even eaten in a couple of places (Nu Bügel and picked up a pie from Wanda’s). But there were a few places that we simply wouldn’t even enter without the guide. For example Egg Bae and Fresco’s looked super boring from the outside, but served excellent food.

628_Egg Bae
Kensington Market – Egg Bae
Kensington Market – Fresco’s

Nu Bügel offered once again very good bagels.

636_Nu Bugel
Kensington Market – Nu Bugel

And we finished with a pie from Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. I still can’t believe that we spent four hours exploring this tiny area of a few blocks, but it was very interesting and tasty.

642_Wanda's Pie in the Sky
Kensington Market – Wanda’s Pie in the Sky

In the evening we once again walked a bit around a different part of the city and headed for dinner at Richmond Station.


The restaurant sounded very good on paper, but in real life it was a bit meh. The food was quite good, but the staff were super bad. They chatted a lot with each other and it took forever to get drinks, food, and the bill.

649_Richmond Station
Richmond Station

The next day was my last day in Toronto, but my boyfriend would stay a bit longer and fly to a conference in the US two days later. It would have made no sense to fly back to Europe and fly back across the ocean two days later.

We started the day at Eggspectation, which was incredibly difficult to find for some reason. In the end when we found it, it was just there in plain sight. 😀 It’s a chain of restaurants and they had a very large breakfast menu. It was last chance to get Canadian bagels, so we both went for the same thing. It was quite good.


Then we had some time and we decided to check out the Distillery District. We had no clear idea of what it was, but it was a cool gathering place of restaurants and cafes and apparently they have all kind of events and Christmas market in this area. It was middle of the week, so there weren’t a lot of people there and I felt really bad that I wasn’t even a little bit hungry. I would’ve loved to try out a couple of restaurants there.

666_The Distillery District
The Distillery District
669_The Distillery District
The Distillery District
670_The Distillery District
The Distillery District
671_The Distillery District
The Distillery District
673_The Distillery District
The Distillery District

We walked back towards our Airbnb and stopped at St. Lawrence Market, which is a big food market. I bought some mustard to take back home as our food tour guide really praised Kozlik’s mustard.

676_St. Lawrence Market
St. Lawrence Market

The final stop of the day was at Goose Island Brewhouse, but that was mostly for air conditioning and cooling down. 😀

677_Goose Island Brewhouse
Goose Island Brewhouse

After that, I picked up my suitcase and headed to the airport. I decided to take the metro and the train, which worked fine in terms of timings, but the train was absolutely full and the air conditioning quite weak, so I had to stand all the way to the airport (40-50 min) and was quite sweaty when I got there.

I’ve never been to Toronto airport before and I needed to check in my suitcase, so I thought that I’d reserve a bit more time for that. And it turned out that it was very good that I did. It took me 50 min in line to check in my suitcase. There were only like ten people in front of me, but all of them had between 6 and 14 suitcases. I don’t get why everyone needs that much stuff! Also, think of the cost! I paid 50 EUR for one suitcase.

In the end I had only about 50 min before my flight, and on cross-Atlantic flights they begin to board at least half an hour before. I grabbed some food and drink at a random stall and boarded the plane.

Looking back, I would definitely spend more time in Montréal than in Toronto and take the jet lag better into consideration. I also really need to stop trying to fit in everything in the short time, but I think we got a pretty good picture of Canada. Now I just need to visit the Vancouver end of the country. 😉

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