Switzerland – Pilatus Kulm and Harder Kulm

The next morning we had breakfast at our hotel and headed towards Pilatus Kulm, which was just a few kilometers away from our hotel. It was a really foggy weather, so we were a bot worried whether we would see anything, but there is actually a webcam, which shows the current weather at Pilatus Kulm and it looked to be sunny and beautiful, so we decided to go.

We just missed the departure of Pilatus Bahn due to the fact that there weren’t any parking nearby, but luckily the next departure was in 50 min, so the wait wasn’t too bad. On top of that we were first in line and got to choose the seats with the best view. The tickets were pretty expensive (72 CHF for a return ticket), but the alternative was to hike up the hill for several hours. 😉

120_Pilatus Bahn
Pilatus Bahn
123_Pilatus Bahn
Pilatus Bahn – View at the departure.
124_Pilatus Bahn
Pilatus Bahn – View higher up the mountain.

When we got above the clouds, the sun was up and the view was gorgeous!

125_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm
126_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm
128_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm
130_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm
135_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm

There was two smaller hills, which we climbed and enjoyed the surprisingly warm weather, the sun, and the amazing views.

142_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm

On the way down we saw a lot of people climbing up the mountain.

144_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm
148_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm
150_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm

And then we finally got back to the fog line and eventually lost the sun again. I think we spent about 4 hours at Pilatus Kulm counting ascent, descent, waiting times, and climbing some stairs for even better views at the top. Absolutely worth the visit! Would love to do some of the shorter hikes available in the area as well.

152_Pilatus Kulm
Pilatus Kulm

After Pilatus Kulm, we had one more Kulm to see. We drove for about an hour to Harder Kulm, which was near the town called Interlaken. This time we were a bit late for the cable car, but luckily they were waiting for the people in line and we were the last people to board the cable car. The ascent to Harder Kulm is just 10 min and if I remember correctly, it cost about 34 CHF. But there are a lot more options in that region, this was just something we could do in the short time we had in Interlaken.

This mountain wasn’t as high, so we were still seeing some of the fog, which was trapped between the mountains. There were some nice views and this is a very easy trip for even families with small children as there is no climbing.

155_Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm
157_Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm
159_Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm
165_Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm
173_Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm
174_Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm
175_Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm

In the evening we started driving towards our hotel Alfa Soleil and stopped for a moment at Thunersee to enjoy the serenity of it.


We were actually supposed to also visit Oeschinensee, but we were kind of late and it turned out that the cable car, which goes to Oeschinensee closed the same day for winter and the only other way to reach the lake was to hike about three hours one way. We haven’t planned that much time just for one destination and to be honest, were really not prepared for a full-day hike. Maybe some day as the lake looks lovely on photos.

It turned out that the best restaurant in Kandersteg was actually in the same hotel we were staying at. It was surprisingly good, but the service was really slow, so it took us a long time to eat. After that we were actually very happy that our beds were just a staircase away.

180_Nico's Restaurant in Kandersteg
Nico’s Restaurant in Kandersteg

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