Our last day of the trip had basically one goal – to drive back to Zürich in time for the Dita von Teese show, which would start at 8 p.m. As it is less than two-hour drive from Andermatt to Zürich, we decided to take the scenic route via Klausenpass and stop in Liechtenstein if we had the time.

I have heard that Klausenpass is a nice way to drive through, so we headed eastwards. The road indeed had some nice views, but they weren’t as dramatic as the day before. The road was also in a worse condition, but on the upside, there were very few cars on the road.


Many idyllic Swiss landscapes later, we arrived to the south of Liechtenstein in Balzers. This is the unplanned way, I reached my fourth country of 2018 and my 50th country overall.

280_balzers - burg gutenberg
Balzers – Burg Gutenberg

The town of Balzers was super tiny and the main sight is Burg Gutenberg. There was a shortish climb to reach the castle and it had a great view, but was the castle itself closed. It was also absolutely deserted and we were the only two people there.

282_balzers - burg gutenberg
Balzers – Burg Gutenberg
284_balzers - burg gutenberg
Balzers – Burg Gutenberg
285_balzers - view from burg gutenberg
Balzers – Burg Gutenberg
288_balzers - view from burg gutenberg
Balzers – Burg Gutenberg

After Balzers, we continues to the capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz. Our GPS directed us to the motorway in Switzerland and then back. The same happened during our next stop, so technically I’ve been to Liechtenstein three times. 😀

We parked our car near St. Florin Cathedral in Vaduz and decided to take a stroll. Vaduz is probably the most boring city I’ve been to and there’s virtually nothing there.

290_vaduz - st. florin cathedral
Vaduz – St. Florin Cathedral
294_vaduz - rathaus
Vaduz – Rathaus

We walked around some and then stopped for some tea and cake. It was a surprisingly warm day despite it being end of October.

299_vaduz - parliament building
Vaduz – Parliament Building

We didn’t climb all the way to Vaduz Castle. My friend has already done the climb and wasn’t eager to repeat it and I knew that you couldn’t get inside it anyway, so to do a lot of climbing to stand at the gate didn’t seem to be worth the trouble.

300_vaduz castle
Vaduz Castle

After Vaduz, we exited Liechtenstein one last time to go to the northern part of the country, where there were remains of two different castles. On the way out, we spotted The Old Bridge, one of the few sights of Liechtenstein.

301_vaduz - the old bridge
Vaduz – The Old Bridge

In Schellenberg, there are two castles, Obere Burg and Untere Burg. Both are located in residential neighbourhoods and there is not much left of them. Both were very similar and you can spend maybe 10 min in each of them.

302_schellenberg - obere burg
Schellenberg – Obere Burg
303_schellenberg - obere burg
Schellenberg – Obere Burg
305_schellenberg - obere burg
Schellenberg – Obere Burg
306_schellenberg - obere burg
Schellenberg – Obere Burg
309_schellenberg - obere burg
Schellenberg – Obere Burg
311_schellenberg - untere burg
Schellenberg – Untere Burg
315_schellenberg - untere burg
Schellenberg – Untere Burg
316_schellenberg - untere burg
Schellenberg – Untere Burg
317_schellenberg - untere burg
Schellenberg – Untere Burg

During our drive back we hit huge traffic jams nearby Zürich, so it took us forever to drive to the car drop off location. In addition to that, we almost ran out of gas mid-way because the fuel gauge was covered by the wheel and I didn’t spot that it was so close to zero. The gauge was a bit strange as it showed that the tank was full for the longest time and then the needle dropped very quickly. We got off the motorway and found a fuel station not a moment too soon. It turned out to work out really well as we didn’t see any other fuel stations on our way and it still showed the full tank when we returned the car, so all is well what ends well.

We got home around 6 p.m., dropped our bags, changed our clothes, and headed to grab something to eat. My friend has booked us a table at The Bite, which served good drinks and hamburgers. And when I say good, I mean Swiss-good. The food was ok, but I’ve definitely had better. 😉

318_zürich - the bite
Zürich – The Bite

Then we headed towards the venue and were there just 10 minutes before the show. Seeing Dita perform was on my bucket list, so this was something I wanted to see for a long time, so this was a perfect ending to my trip to Switzerland. The show was very cool and everybody was dressed for the occasion.

The next morning I had a pretty early flight back. Another friend of mine told me that at Zürich airport there is a Confiserie Sprüngli, which has the best macaroons in the world, which they call Luxemburgerli. So I had to buy some with me to see if she was right or not. They were in fact really good, but I’m not sure about the title of the world’s best. 🙂

Switzerland has amazing nature and there is still plenty of that to see, so I’m planning to come back some day and explore the southern part more extensively. I just need to accept that Swiss food is not my cup of tea and maybe to spend less money on that as apparently even money can’t buy you good food in Switzerland. 😛

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