New Year 2019

One more year is behind us and it’s interesting to look back. I thought the year was amazing in terms of travel, although traveling between Stockholm and Helsinki was excessive and I hope not to travel quite as much between these two cities in 2019.

1_stockholm lights

I visited five new countries in 2017 and it turned out that I matched the number in 2018 as well despite aiming for four new countries. In 2018, I visited Mauritius in March, Slovenia in May, Canada in July, Liechtenstein in October, and Thailand in December. In addition to these, I also visited London (once I stayed for a long weekend after a work trip and the second time during Midsummer when my boyfriend had a work trip to London). I also had a work trip in September to Rotterdam and I stayed for a couple of days in Amsterdam after that. In October I visited my friend in Switzerland and we did a small road trip with a small detour in Liechtenstein, which became my unplanned 50th country, and in November we visited Chicago in the US. In December we went to Thailand for Christmas holidays, which was my planned 50th new country, but turned out to be 51st. I also went to Finland 16 times during the year, mostly because of work as we had a big project there, but I don’t even count that as traveling anymore. I also had several friends visiting me in Stockholm, which gave an opportunity to explore the city I live in, in a different way.


For 2019 my travel goals are to travel at least six times during the year and visit at least three new countries. I already have booked a trip to the Swedish Lapland in February and a trip to Japan around Easter, so that’s two trips and one new country. Not a bad start. 😉

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